Salam and greetings!
its been 2 weeks since we started our holidays. so , how your holidays going people?
I've been too busy with assignments and tasks to do so I'm struggling with it right now .
since my eldest daughter is taking her SPM right now, me and my family decided to wait for her till she done with her SPM and i'm done with my works. then we're going for a vacation!
Hoping for your du'a , may Allah make it ease for my daughter. and for me as well! I can't wait to finish up all of my works since i'm too excited for my 'real' holidays. going to have a terrific time with my family for sure.
btw , my 4th daughter who took upsr this year successfully getting straight As , alhamdulillah. thanks for your du'a.

so , for those little kids that wonder what to do for holidays since your parents might be busy as well , like me.
why don't watch something fun?
something FUN?

tadahh! its fairytale kids. your favourite genre ain't it? enjoy watching it while waiting for your parents done with their works.

that's all for now. toodles everyone!:)


  1. nice blog !

  1. Tahniah. Teruskan mengemaskini blog cikgu.

  1. god job..

  1. Interesting .. Keep it up !

  1. good job.nice blog.

  1. Congratulation. Nice blog. Good luck Mr. Daim.

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